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Alumni Monday

Our Monday Alumni post today highlights the importance of completing an industrial placement as Beth comes to the end of her year at the London Stock Exchange Group. Both left us in 2019 and studies International History & Politics at the University of Leeds. Sadly, she was unable to complete her international placement year in Australia due to Covid. However, she is now destined for a career in the financial sector following this 50 week placement in HR! This photo was taken last week when Beth had the pleasure of taking part in a panel session where she reflected on the advise she would give to her 16-18 year old self. The event coincided with Eid and Beth has thrived in the diverse culture of her placement firm where she has found that LESG embraces diversity, and promotes colleagues to be their true authentic selves. We hope to see Beth July 1st for our Alumni event at MV to celebrate our 10 year anniversary!

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