Apply Now for September 2021

The application process for September 2021 entry is still open: please fill out the form below to apply.

Please complete all the fields on the application form and ensure you enter a valid e-mail address so that we can contact you.

The initial closing date was Sunday 31st January 2021. Applications received after this date will be reviewed on an individual basis and subject to course availability.

If you have any queries regarding the application process, please email or telephone 01664 504761.

Entry requirements

To study A Levels at MV16, you need to have achieved the general college requirements of a grade 4 or above in both GCSE Mathematics and English, plus three other GCSE or equivalent qualifications at grade 5 or above.

To study one of the A Level Sciences, you will need a minimum grade 6 in a related science subject.

To study A Level Economics, you will need a minimum grade 6 in GCSE Mathematics.

To study A Level Computer Science, you will need a minimum grade 6 in GCSE Mathematics.

To study A Level English Literature, you will need a minimum grade 6 in GCSE English Literature.

To study A Level French or Spanish, you will need a minimum grade 6 in the language you wish to study.

To study A Level Mathematics, you will need a minimum grade 6 or above in GCSE Mathematics. To study Further Mathematics at A Level, you will need a minimum grade 7.

To study A Level Physical Education, you are expected to be competing at club level or above for the coursework component.

All other subjects require the general college entry requirements only.

Application Form

Please read through this form carefully before you start to complete it. You will be required to complete your personal details, information about your qualifications (achieved/pending), your provisional course choices and a personal statement (minimum 500 words).

This form is used to collect information regarding your application to Melton Vale Sixth Form College and will only be used for this purpose. We need the information collected here to enable us to manage this process effectively. The information is for internal use only and will be stored on our internal servers. This information will be kept in line with our data retention policy.

We will only use your contact details to share information with you that is relevant to this process.

If you have any concerns please contact us before you proceed.

Our full privacy notice is available to download here.

Section A: Personal Details

Please provide your legally registered names.

Permanent Home Address

Emergency Contact Details

Section B: Education

Current Subjects Being Studied / Qualifications Already Obtained

Please list below the subjects you are studying at present and all qualifications you have already achieved e.g. GCSE, BTEC.

For each qualification, give the name of the subject, the name of the awarding exam board, the level (e.g. GCSE, BTEC), the month/year of exam (e.g. June 2018) and your predicted grade (if the qualification is still to be taken) or final result (if you have already completed this qualification).

SubjectExam BoardLevelTime of ExamPredicted GradeFinal Result

Section C: Special Educational Needs and Medical information

Please be assured that by providing any information this will not jeopardise your application.

If you have a disability, learning difficulty, or additional need please indicate in the boxes below so that we can arrange the necessary support for you on your course. Any information is treated as confidential and will only be shared with any relevant people with your agreement.

Do you have any medical conditions that the Centre should be aware of?

Section D: Exam Access Arrangements

Please be assured that by providing any information this will not jeopardise your application.

If you have received any additional support for your exams please indicate below.

Section E: Course Choices

MV16 reserves the right to change its offer at any time but will endeavour to provide an alternative programme of study wherever possible.

Section F: Personal Statement *

Please tell us about yourself e.g. hobbies, clubs, achievements at school and why you have chosen Melton Vale Sixth Form College (minimum 2500 characters, maximum 4000 characters).

Section G: School Choices

Please indicate if we are your first choice, if No please provide details of your other choice of 6th form College/School. This will not jeopardise your application with us.

Section H: How Did You Hear About Us?

Section I: Declaration

Please complete this form as fully as possible. The information will be used for administration purposes within MV16. Because of the Data Protection Act 1988 we need your consent before it can be used. Applicant information may be disclosed to Connexions and other agencies for the production of statistics and in some circumstances to assist with processing of the application. Disclosure is carefully controlled by our Data Protection Policy which is available on our website. We ask you to confirm that you agree to MV16 using the data for its legitimate purposes.