Level 3 Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)


The EPQ is a stand-alone qualification that allows students to extend and develop the transferable skills required for their future. The project they undertake allows students to research an area of interest in depth that takes them above the specifications they study at A-level.  The process leads to improved project management and organisation, alongside developing research and communication skills.  Students who choose to complete the EPQ are always very proud of the work they produce.

The qualification is very popular with universities, and often leads to more offers being made for undergraduate entry.


Students will receive up to 30 hours tuition during Year 12 and the beginning of Year 13 to guide them through the process.  Effective note taking, researching, and referencing are some of the skills taught as well as how to produce an effective presentation. The completion of the assessed component is carried out independently by the student during their own study time either at school or at home.  Alongside their EPQ journey, they complete a reflective log comprising of how they planned and managed the process; including the discussions with their supervisor.


The EPQ is assessed by completion of:

A production log, as set out by the examination board, which details the student’s EPQ journey.  This is completed using an online network specifically designed for the purpose.

Either a written specialist report of a minimum 5000 words, or an artefact with a written specialist report of a minimum of 1000 words.

A presentation in front of the students’ peers and other mentors.

The EPQ is worth half an A level and is graded from A* to E. The EPQ can be used to earn extra UCAS points.