A Level Business is a course which provides the opportunity for you to develop an extensive range of business related knowledge and skills. Your studies will cover a wide range of topics relating to business and others which enable you to ‘taste’ vocational areas that you may wish to pursue in your career or continue to study at university.

You will learn how to analyse business data and use numerical skills to interpret changes in the business world and individual firms. You will develop extensive skills in written communication as assessment requires both problem solving and decision making, using appropriate business tools. Application of classroom concepts to real business situations is the primary skill that allows students to progress in this course.

The subjects that go well with A Level Business include Economics, Computer Science, Geography, Maths with Statistics, and Sociology as they all overlap with the subject content of Business.

The content areas include (among others): What is business?, Managers, leadership and decision making, Marketing decisions, Operational decisions, Financial decisions, Human resource decisions, Analysing the strategic position of a business, Choosing strategy, Strategic methods, Managing change.

Studying Business covers a broad range of knowledge and skills. It is good preparation for a wide range of degree courses including Business Studies, Marketing, Economics and Management. As a course which has a vocational slant it also provides an excellent preparation for immediate entry into the world of work.

The A Level is linear, with no assessment until the end of the 2-year course.


This A Level is linear, with no assessment until the end of the 2-year course. There are three 2-hour written exams at the end of the course which will cover strategic change and decision-making. Assessment methods will include multiple choice, short answer questions, data response questions and essays. The A Level also assesses quantitative skills, making up at least 10% of overall marks.

There is no coursework component for this qualification.