A Level Law is the study of how the English Legal System operates. This A Level is a linear course, meaning students will take all three of their exams at the end of the 2 year course.

Skills gained through studying A Level Law include the ability to think clearly and logically, and to appreciate both sides of a debate; independent research and problem solving skills; and oral and written communication will be enhanced and developed.

A Level Law offers a diverse learning experience using a range of different teaching and learning styles which include debates, ICT, quizzes, group work and independent research, all delivered with an enthusiastic drive. This variety will encourage the development of a valuable range of skills which will stand you in good stead in later life.

The topics you will study in Law are the English Legal System, Criminal Law, the law of tort, law making and human rights or the law of contract. You will learn about the changing nature of the law and the interaction between law, morals, justice, society and technology.

Law provides a valuable foundation for university purely because of the academic nature of the subject and its links to a lot of other subjects. Typical careers of Law students include: solicitor, barrister, legal executive, police officer, social work, criminology, business and management.


All units are assessed through timetabled written examinations. Within each option there is a choice of short answer questions, essays, application and evidence response questions. The evidence can be extracts from judgements, articles or Acts of Parliament. Candidates demonstrate their knowledge of the chosen area of substantive law and the development of that area using legal methods and reasoning to analyse legal materials, and select legal rules in order to draw conclusions. All components include synoptic assessment.

Unit 1: The Legal System (A) and Criminal Law (B)—2 hour exam—33.3 % of A Level

This question paper has two sections:

Unit 2: Law making (A) and the law of tort (B)—2 hour exam—33.3 % of A Level This question paper has two sections:

Unit 3: Further Law: The nature of Law (A) and Human Rights or Contract Law (B)—2 hour exam—33% of A Level

In this component the nature of law is compulsory and learners must choose between either human rights law or the law of contract.

This question paper has two sections: